The color oof the Moon 39#

I drove home on a different road than I originally planed to avoid the ‘aliens’ as Gina named them. I found a dirt road somewhere the edge off the town. And there were farms. So many! Each junction led to a huge garden with various fruit trees, hutches and kitchen-garden composition. And of course family houses. Everywhere, and I mean it, at every single house were at least two dogs. Guard dogs, shepherds, some smaller. They were running free, but none of them ran away. They guarded little herds, the houses and a few of them the little kids. Continue reading “The color oof the Moon 39#”

The color of the Moon 36#

In the next morning, it took me by surprise to wake up to quiet whispers and little birds chirping. This kind of experience was still new and exciting. I knew, it will change soon for something even cooler and eventually I’ll get used to it all. But that was still far ahead. Or at least, that’s what I thought at that time. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 36#”

The color of the Moon 35#

Just as I predicted. I couldn’t sleep much that night. For a while, that felt like eternity, I was swirling in my bed. Every time I fell asleep something always woke me up. Little noises, rustling branches, tiny paws scratching on wood, even whispers. But when I tried to focus on them, they all ceased to a soft background noise. Back to the gentle sound of the night forest. It was nerve wracking. I couldn’t do anything else, than trying to sleep. Somehow. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 35#”

The color of the Moon 33#

I focused on spotting the black animal among the growing, darkening shadows. A puffing sound signaled that I was looking at the wrong direction.

Alright then. Why don’t you come here?” – I said loud enough to be heard on the other end.

A bush rustled at some part and a black nose peeped out from the leaves. Then a muzzle. Eyes. And finally a full, furry head. Just for a few moments though, then quickly disappeared again. Judging from the sounds he remained there.


A soft yelp was the answer.

You gotta be kidding.” – but I got up anyway and lazily walked there. He literally made me walk all the way to him. Even though, he wouldn’t be seen even if he came to our very doorstep. There was no one in the whole area beside me. Well, can’t be helped.

I was happy to see him again and super excited at the same time. Why wouldn’t I be?! I just realised it recently that he was the same wolf from my childhood! Exactly the one! From at least fifteen years ago. Even if I couldn’t understand him at the moment, I remembered his name. That will surprise him for sure. I’ll leave it for later.

I was grinning like an idiot when I reached the trees. He retreated and stood like ten meters away from me, half behind a tree.

Hey.” – I said softly as I looked in his eyes – „Hi again… What’s the matter?”

Wolfy, I’ll call him that for the time being, cautiously came forward. He was slow. I mean, real slow. Annoyingly slow. Like that time, up on the hill.

If you wanna come here, then do so!” – I repeated myself.

He stopped and looked directly at me. Realization dawned in his eyes and I smiled at his reaction. He didn’t hesitate more. Wolfy came close and sniffed me around effortlessly, always looking into my eyes, watching my reactions. He stopped by my wounded side.

What are you checking this time?”

He stepped before me and lightly growled.

Then… I think I have to guess. Hmmm… You came here real cautiously now and only after I told you, so… You came to check on me, if I was okay?”

He wagged his tail.

I’m fine. I got a scratch but I’m not scared or anything. Oh, right! Do you want to hear what happened on the full moon night? But you probably heard it already. The forest was really noisy that time… – I wanted to ask him about that night and many other things, but Wolfy stepped close and gently rubbed his nose to my upper arm. His fur tickled again but I controlled myself.

Were you… worried about me?”

He took courage and warmed up to me with his whole body. Yep, like a cat, rubbing all his falling hair on my clothes. When did he take such liking for me? Oh, yeah. He knew me since I was real small, he probably remembered me. Somehow, in his own way. But anyway, could an animal worry like this over a thing like the howls of his own kind? I mean, it was just howls on that night. And he was with them howling too, probably. Why was he so worried? How did he… ?

You already know what happened to me on that night, right?” – he stopped and took a step back slightly lowering his head. I smiled – „It’s okay. I told you, I’m okay. I’m not afraid of wolves, if that’s what you were wondering.” – And it was in fact strange not to get scared of them after a near death experience. But I wasn’t afraid. I got Wolfy and that was more than enough.

He sighed. Like, for real. The wolf sighed in relief. How? That was beyond me. But for some reason he felt he was responsible for me, and now he relaxed. His actions were exceptionally cute. Huge wolf or puppy, he was cute.

You still take care of me, right?” – he snapped his head up. Oh, he noticed the hint. But I won’t give it to him yet.

Up on the mountain and by that fruit garden, too. You were there with me. With us.” – he dropped his head and ears a bit. Nope buddy, you have to wait for it. I want to see your reactions clearly, in daylight, when I tell you I remember you. Or a part of my past with you.

So. Thank you. Let’s meet again sometime.” – a jeep stopped in front of the house – „Ah. Sam got home. I gotta go back. See you again, Wolfy…”- I turned to go – „…soon.”

He must had heard it ’cause the noise he gave in surprise was way too funny not to chuckle on it. I headed back but listened eagerly to notice whether my furry guardian followed me or not. He stayed back. I heard his footsteps as he paced a few times between the trees then went back to the forest. Awww, so he was leaving. I didn’t want to part this soon, to be honest. But… wait! Now he stopped. He wasn’t far. Oh, I hear you, buddy. You ain’t that far. His tail brushed the leaves on the ground causing soft noise. He crouched and waited.

I stopped but didn’t turn around. I didn’t want to reveal how sharp my ears got. That wolf still didn’t know it. Yet another surprise for later.

But now that Sam was home at a somewhat humanly acceptable time, we got a looot to talk about. Including me explaining the situation at the clinic. Yeah, that too. I was only five meters from the house, when Sam swung open the door with mediocre paniced look on his face.

– Édua!… – he said panting and his eyes drifted to the area where I came from and gasped.

I looked at the same direction and saw Wolfy as a swift, black blurriness disappearing into the shadows. I turned back.

Welcome back, Sam!” – I greeted my speechless uncle.

– That… That one… was just like the one from… – he fell silent – There’s no way…. – he whispered still staring into the woods.

The color of the Moon 32#

The waiting area was fully packed with all kinds of dog and their owners. A little girl tried to keep her kitty cat out of their reach. Barely. Everyone had to hold on to their own pet to avoid total chaos. Tension was palpatible. And the five of us worked ourselves into that mass. As we passed forward, the animals one by one perked up their head. They smelled human blood. One or two started whinning and tried to come closer, others got more tense. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 32#”