The color of the Moon 28#

Somewhere around noon we reached the bottom of the little hump, we had our camp on. The road was much nicer, and more even. We didn’t have that many rock on our way. The air was fresh and clean. The rain last night cooled it down and it was pleasant by daytime. Raindrops sparkled on trees and every branches. Matt kicked them here and there to give us cold showers, but he stopped it soon enough when we returned his favor. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 28#”


The color of the Moon 25#

That night my dreames were out of control. After a long day like what I just had, I expected a benevolent ‘blackout’ as a dream. But it wasn’t that. They say before you die your whole life gets replayed in your head. Well, I had a similar experience. My dreams zigzagged between my early childhood, when I was very little, and the present events. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 25#”

The color of the Moon 24#

Then this was the reason why the wolves were so aggressive. I walked right to the area where they chase off everyone. Though, it slightly surprised me how close it was to our camp. Or how close we came to it. Guessing from the map it seemed to be farther. The guys did say that the camp was the best spot to listen to the howls, but they never mentioned the next door mountain is the infamous SilverPeek where no one is allowed. By the wolves themselves. But, if there was silver mining in the past, as they mentioned, there must be some building or lodge left behind. That was what I was looking for. Also, the familiar feeling came again, which ment I’d been here too sometime in the past. But I couldn’t imagine a toddler here. Here? How did I do that? Or someone took me here? Who? Continue reading “The color of the Moon 24#”

The color of the Moon 23#

I was struggling through a fallen tree when something growled behind me. I turned back instantly. In about 30 meters a wolf stood in the same valley as me and it was everything but friendly. It wasn’t Wolfy. It was a grey, smaller… and really angry wolf. Oh God, what do I do now?! It stood between me and the camp. I couldn’t even go back anymore. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 23#”

The color of the Moon 22#

I walked slower and listened eagerly to the girls to estimate the distance. They were at most 10 or 15 meters back in the direction to the camp. I just needed to hide behind a thick tree and let them pass by. They didn’t notice me. I began to think they were all big talk about how well they know this place. They stopped a few steps away from the tree I was hiding behind. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 22#”

The color of the Moon 21#

The path we took was halfway the same to the creek we were earlier that day. Then we went off the path and continued in the woods. There were no sing of any way or road or path. Not even a blaze to show people have ever walked there before. But the girls were confident. They said the place is not signed in maps but there’s a little spring where we can check out the animals and also record the howls nicely. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 21#”

The color of the Moon 19#

I slowly walked into the woods. I felt my heart beating in my throat. But then the creepy feeling changed. It still watched me but I wasn’t scared of it anymore. It was… like I knew who it was? I speeded up my pace. Who’s that? Who are you? I climbed up to a fallen trunk and I saw the familiar pair of amber eyes from the previous night glancing back from behind a bush. So he was the stalker. Continue reading “The color of the Moon 19#”